Pankaj Mittal

Do you Love your Job?

A message for all IT Employees.

I frequently meet people who are literally frustrated with their job and curse it almost daily. If you are one read further.

Just take out a moment out of your life and think 
“What exactly is stopping you to quit ?”

Is it the company that’s not letting you go?

Obviously ‘NO’. The day you decide, the resignation is just a click away.

You are not Quitting because you don’t want to or you don’t have the guts to do so. I agree you must be having reasons not to do so, but again the decision is solely yours but we all (including me someday) still curse our existing job and talk about how frustrated and unhappy we are and we talk about it too often.

In this entire process, we create a negative environment around us  and we miss those “Happy Moments”  we are supposed to live and enjoy.

We are not quitting because we have a reason, so till the time we are bound to do the job why not give our best and be happy, at the same time we can explore other opportunities and the day we find a better one we can quit.

And yes don’t forget there are thousands of unemployed engineers (Maybe many better than you) whose dream is to join your company but aren’t getting an opportunity.

It’s as simple.
If you are not liking it, Quit it!
If you cannot quit, then start liking it 

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