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I Quit Infosys

Like every other engineer, after completing my engineering, I too wanted a job and I too had a dream company. “Infosys”, not due to any technical reasons but three major important thoughts: 

1) One of my cousin worked there and everyone respected him (I believed I deserved the same respect)

2) During a visit to the company, the company building attracted me a lot & not to forget the lavish swimming pool which played a major role in taking the decision.

3) I couldn’t afford a foreign trip and wanted to go onsite on company expenditure.

My god was with me and I was damn lucky to immediately get placed in Infosys after my engineering (yes lucky, that’s what most of the people believed, hard work never counts)

Nothing could have been better then getting a job in your dream company, isn’t it?

The proud feeling while wearing the id card, the allotment of the first cubicle, the access to free unlimited coffee was altogether an amazing feeling. But all these feelings were temporary and gave happiness only during the first few days. Soon the reality hit me hard and in very less time I the conclusion that the id card was just a confirmation that you have been sold out, the cubicle is the only thing you own, temporarily, and old monk help handle stress much better than the coffee.

It was not long when I realized that I didn’t enjoy my work, neither was the feeling of being in the company great anymore, there was something which was missing. The thoughts rattled my mind and I wasn’t able to figure out the reason.

It was like a cold war, on one way I was not enjoying my work and on the other hand I had no idea what I wanted to do.It took me sometime to figure out that this is the case with every third person, most of us are not satisfied with our work and we all have “one other thing” which interests us more and we would have done  if not the job in hand.

In my case I always had an inclination for writing and was passionate about public speaking/training. Being on stage gave me the kick which I always wanted but I never thought that this can transform as a profession too.

By the end of one year, I lacked clarity in everything, but one strong decision was taken by this time,   “Life main kya karna who pata nahi tha but itna confirm tha ki zindagi bhar yeh job toh nahi karni hai” and I need to find my way soon.

It took me three 3 years to finally quit my and follow my passion for training and writing.

After quitting my job, life wasn’t easy and the fear that “What if I fail” never left me but the thought “What if I succeed” was more dominant and gave me positivity. I was afraid, I lacked clarity, I used to cry, I used to doubt my decision, I lost my way but trust me its fine. It is bound to happen, when you are on an unknown path you come across lot of failures and that’s how you come to know about what not to do.

There were few moments where I had to borrow money from my friends to even pay my rent but I was okay with it. There were lot of people who doubted my decision but this was not a matter of concern for me, the actual concern would have been if “I would have started doubting myself”. The pain we go through is temporary but the success will be permanent. I knew this was a temporary phase and will pass away.

And with a little struggle, shame, rejections and perseverance it did pass away.

Now I work as a motivational and soft skills trainer. I have already trained more than 20k+ students across 70+ colleges, I even take sessions for employees in various MNC’s. My debut novel “Thank God I’m Single Again” earned me huge recognition and I was awarded with “Young Achievers Award”.

This one decision brought few major changes in my life, Now:

I know the impact I am creating in other people life by my work
I decide when I want to work and when not
I earn much better than I would have in my job
I get rewarded for the extra efforts I put
I party and celebrate life frequently without being concerned about the bills
I earned name and fame and a good friend following (I don’t believe in fans)
And above all, now I sleep deep without any sense of regret

And I strongly believe that each you are more capable, much better than me and if I can do it, you can do it too. The only thing you need is lots and lots of perseverance and self-belief.

You can only succeed when you love what you do and it has nothing to do with what you have studied or what you are doing now. You current job may not be your final destination. The major reason why most of us are never able to take the decision is because we are not ready to come out of our comfort zone, the fear of failure haunts us more than kick we would get in the journey. The journey won’t be easy but I assure you, at the end it will be worth it.

Suffering is a part of any journey. Ask yourself

“If you are want to suffer and live your entire life with dissatisfaction of doing something which doesn’t interest you” 


“You want to suffer for something you are passionate about and always wanted to do”

You only live once, you only need to take one decision, it’s never too late to decide

“If you do not like it Quit it.  If you cannot Quit it, start Liking it.”

And Lets Stay Connected for any of the below reasons:

1) You feel your life is fucked up and you need to find a solution
2) You feel I can help you with my “Pravachan”
3) You believe in making friends
3) And Last but not the least, just like me
“You don’t give a shit to anything around and want to party.

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