Pankaj Mittal

Assignment Day 14

Task 1 for the day:



Task -2 


Instructions :
Find the meaning, make a sentence and comment in the group from the words given below. Also, find out meanings and frame sentences at once and post altogether at once.

NOTE : Use google to find the meaning but do not copy/paste the sentence from google.


Task – 3 Listening Activity

1. The man has to drop out of school because he ______.

a. plans to travel abroad
b. is getting married
c. doesn’t have money

2. His father gave him money for tuition, books, and _________.

a. health insurance
b. a car
c. living expenses

3. He bought a new motorcycle because ______.

a. it doesn’t cost a lot of gas to ride
b. he crashed his old one last week
c. his girlfriend doesn’t like the color of the old one

4. He also purchase a phone, some clothing, and a ________.

a. dog
b. computer
c. TV

5. The woman suggests he get a loan from _______.

a. the bank
b. his father
c. school

Task – 4 Conversation Activity

I am sharing a script and as per assigned partners, students need to practice the script and have a conversation with their partner over call and record the
conversation and share it in the group.

Conversation Script as below:

A: I think I’m going to go to the market today.

B: Do we need food?

A: Yes, I think so.

B: What are you going to get?

A: I’m not sure what we need.

B: Maybe you should go and look in the refrigerator.

A: Could you do it for me, and write out a list of things that we need?

B: Just get the basics.

A: Like what?

B: You know. Get some eggs, milk, and bread.

A: Just go and make a list for me, please.

B: Fine, I’ll go do that for you.

Task 5 Extempore:

Topic: My favourite Subject in my school days

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