Pankaj Mittal

Assignment Day 2

Task 1 for the day:



Task 2 for the Day :

Instructions :
Find the meaning, make a sentence and comment in the group from the words given below. Also, find out meanings and frame sentences at once and post altogether at once.

NOTE : Use google to find the meaning but do not copy/paste the sentence from google.

1. Crisis
2. Shabby
3. Appetite
4. Bunch
5. Accuse

Task 3 for the day : Listening activity

Student Needs to listen to the audio clip and answer the below questions:


1. The picnic is on _____.
a. Friday
b. Saturday
c. Sunday

2. The picnic is being held _____.
a. by a river
b. at Dave’s house
c. in a park

3. They are going to buy ______ packages of hot dogs.
a. 7
b. 8
c. 9

4. Recently, Kathy has been very busy _____.
a. at school
b. at work
c. at home

5. Scott might make _____ for dessert.
a. a cherry pie
b. fudge brownies
c. oatmeal cookies

Task 4 for the day: Conversation Activity

Script is shared below and as per the assigned speaking partners perform this activity.

Student needs to practice the script and have a conversation with their partner over call and record the conversation and share it in the group.

Conversation Script as below:

A: What do you feel like eating this morning?

B: I usually just have a bowl of cereal.

A: The most important meal of the day is breakfast.

B: Yeah, but I don’t usually have time to eat a big breakfast.

A: You can always make an easy breakfast.

B: What do you make?

A: All I make is oatmeal, toast, and some orange juice.

B: That sounds pretty good.

A: I like it, and it’s a fast meal.

B: That is a very quick meal to make.

A: I can make it for you if you like.

B: Oatmeal and toast sounds good to me.

Task 5 for the day: Extempore

Topic: My Hobby

Instructions: write a script on the given topic, memorize it and record the video and share it in the group.

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