Pankaj Mittal

Assignment Day 4

Task 1 for the day:



Task 2 for the Day :

Instructions :
Find the meaning, make a sentence and comment in the group from the words given below. Also, find out meanings and frame sentences at once and post altogether at once.

NOTE : Use google to find the meaning but do not copy/paste the sentence from google.

1. Puddle
2. Tease
3. Tranquil
4. Mourn
5. Outburst

Task 3 for the day : Listening activity

Student Needs to listen to the audio clip and answer the below questions:

1. How many people are coming to the party from Ashley’s work?

a. three
b. five
c. four

2. What are Daniel’s brothers going to bring to the barbecue?

a. chicken
b. hamburgers
c. steak

3. Daniel’s brother, Jim, loves to _____.

a. eat
b. talk
c. cook

4. Ashley’s neighbors are going to bring _______ from their garden.

a. watermelon
b. corn
c. tomatoes

5. What are they going to eat for dessert?

a. cake
b. pie
c. fresh fruit

Listening activity Answers:

a. three
b. hamburgers
a. eat
b. corn
b. pie

Task 4 for the day: Conversation Activity

Script is shared below and as per the assigned speaking partners perform this activity.

Student needs to practice the script and have a conversation with their partner over call and record the conversation and share it in the group.

Conversation Script as below:

A: Could you help me make a plane reservation?

B: I would be happy to help you. Where do you plan on going?

A: I am going to go to Hawaii.

B: For that destination, you may leave from Los Angeles or Burbank Airport. Which would you prefer?

A: I think that I would rather leave from Los Angeles Airport.

B: Would you prefer a morning or afternoon departure?

A: I need to leave in the morning.

B: Fine. On your return flight, do you have a preference as to morning or afternoon?

A: I would prefer to return in the afternoon.

B: I have booked you on your flight at a great rate. Here are your tickets.

Task 5 for the day: Extempore

Topic: My favourite Pass Time

Instructions: write a script on the given topic, memorize it and record the video and share it in the group.

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