Pankaj Mittal

Assignment Day 6

Task 1 for the day:



Task -2


Instructions :
Find the meaning, make a sentence and comment in the group from the words
given below. Also, find out meanings and frame sentences at once and post
altogether at once.

NOTE : Use google to find the meaning but do not copy/paste the sentence
from google.

  1. Agony
  2. constantly
  3. Enrich
  4. goon
  5. indiscreet

Task – 3 Listening Activity

1. The man and woman first met at ______.

a. school
b. a friend’s house
c. a party

2. The woman’s name is _____.

a. Susan
b. Sharon
c. Sherry

3. The woman is majoring in _____.

a. education
b. computer science
c. engineering

4. What major is the man considering most at this time?

a. marketing
b. international business
c. accounting

5. Do you think the woman is interested in going out with the man?

a. No
b. Yes

Task – 4 Conversation Activity

I am sharing a script and as per assigned speaking partner students need to practice the script and have a conversation with their partner over call and record the conversation and share it in the group.

Conversation Script as below:

A: Is this Professor Clark?

B: Yes, I am Professor Clark.

A: Professor, this is Kalia, and I am in your literature class on Monday

B: Yes, how are you doing?

A: I was partying hard over the weekend, fell down the stairs, and need
time to recuperate.

B: That sounds painful. Are you going to be OK?

A: I sprained my wrist, but the doctor says it will be fine.

B: How many days will you be out of school?

A: The doctor said I should be good enough to return next week.

B: I am glad you let me know that you will be missing class. Get well!

Task-5 Extempore:

Instructions – write a script on the given topic, memorize it and record the video and share it in the group.

Topic: If you get a chance to meet a celebrity, whom would you like to meet?

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