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Assignment Day 7

Task 1 for the day:



Task -2


Instructions :
Find the meaning, make a sentence and comment in the group from the words given below. Also, find out meanings and frame sentences at once and post altogether at once.

NOTE : Use google to find the meaning but do not copy/paste the sentence from google.


Task – 3 Listening Activity

1. The man’s problem at the beginning is that ______.

a. the candy machine doesn’t have power
b. the candy doesn’t taste good
c. the snack got stuck in the machine

2. The cashier can’t help the man because _____.

a. the machine isn’t his
b. the customer pushed the wrong button
c. he doesn’t have a key to open the machine

3. The man’s friend recommends _____.

a. leaving the candy machine alone
b. forgetting the candy and going home
c. calling the phone number on the machine

4. The man rejects his friend’s advice because ____.

a. someone might call the police
b. the machine might break
c. he isn’t hungry anyway

5. What does the last sentence mean in the conversation? (“Yeah, the machine and I hit it off earlier today.”)

a. He wants to try the machine again.
b. Hitting the machine won’t help.
c. The machine worked for him.

Task – 4 Conversation Activity

I am sharing a script and as per assigned speaking partner, Students need to practice the script and have a conversation with their partner over call and record the conversation and share it in the group.

Conversation Script as below:

A: I really need to start eating healthier.

B: I have to start eating better too.

A: What kind of food do you usually eat?

B: I try my best to eat only fruits, vegetables, and chicken.

A: Is that really all that you eat?

B: That’s basically it.

A: How do you stick to only those foods?

B: Actually, fruits and veggies are really good for you.

A: Yes, I know, but what about the chicken?

B: I mainly eat baked chicken, because there’s not a lot of fat.

A: That does sound pretty good.

B: I know it does, and that’s because it is.

Task 5 Extempore:

Topic: My Ambition.

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